Words in Spanish That You Didn’t Know You Knew

Spanish words that are the same as English

Do you know how many Spanish words you already know without realizing it?


When starting to learn a new language, it seems like there are SO many words to learn.


Don’t worry, as long as you put the effort to keep learning, you’ll be surprised at how much you know.


You can learn them bit by bit and 6 months later you’ll see how many you can recognize, know the meaning of and say.


This surprised me when I visited Italy.


I did the typical touristy thing and bought a phrase book to practice some Italian before our trip.


While there, I didn’t end up bringing the phrase book with me when we were walking around. But, I noticed that I could recognize some of the words on the signs through knowing Spanish.


One of the days we were there, we wanted to buy tickets for the soccer game in Milan. The tickets are sold at the banks and we didn’t know there was a certain process to go into the bank.


My husband and I opened the first door without an issue and then we tried to open the second one and couldn’t. It seemed locked but we saw tellers inside. They started yelling from inside but we couldn’t understand what they were saying in Italian.


After what seemed like a while and trying to open the door, we finally saw the sign in Italian. Since there were enough words that we could figure out, we realized that it said we had to face the camera directly that we had seen in the corner before they would unlock the second door. Thankfully, we were able to follow the instructions and get into the bank.


After all of that, we weren’t able to buy tickets for the soccer game since only residents of that province can attend.


Just like I saw words in common with Spanish and Italian, there are many Spanish words that you will know from English that you can use when you travel to Spanish speaking countries.


Luckily, some of these have the same spelling and meaning to English!


The pronunciation will be different but at least it’s a start.


You never know what words can come in handy when you are travelling but here are some to get you started:



spanish words that are the same as english



Make sure you add these to your ongoing list of Spanish words that you are learning.


There are many other words that are the same or similar to English. We’ll be going over more in other posts.


What other words have you come across that you already know from English?