¡HOLA! Are you ready to learn Spanish?

Learn Spanish

Do you want to learn Spanish so you can travel to more countries, communicate more easily, and increase your confidence when speaking it?


I created this space to share what I love about the Latino culture and share tips so you can learn Spanish quicker.


I live in Canada but my Colombian background has always played an important role in who I am. I have dual citizenship and the reality is that I’m a mix of both cultures.


I’m such a mix of both that I even used to mix up both English and Spanish when I started school. I didn’t get why (or like that) the other kids wouldn’t understand my ‘Spanglish’.


Like the time when we were playing in the play kitchen and my five year old classmate didn’t understand when I asked them, ‘Where’s the silla?” when I asked about the missing chair.


Eventually, I endured some ESL (English as a Second Language) lessons in Elementary school and straightened that out.


I LOVE travelling, especially to Spanish-speaking countries.


I have been to a handful already but my lifelong goal is to visit all of the Spanish-speaking countries so I have quite a few more to go.


I want to see what each country is like since I know that they all have their natural beauty, delicious food to taste and places to experience.


Travelling allows us to literally get outside of our comfort zone and see how other people live and what they enjoy doing with their free time.


That’s why it’s important to travel with an attitude of being ready for anything and being open to take in as much of the culture as possible, such as tasting the local food and drinks, participating in pastimes with the locals, exploring the tourist spots as well as having free time to walk along the neighbourhoods and shop.


Knowing as much as possible of the language is important since it helps to experience the culture on a deeper level and you can be more sure of yourself when interacting with the local people.


Knowing Spanish has helped immensely in Spanish-speaking countries as well as in countries like Italy, Portugal and France.It came in handy when we got lost in Livorno, Italy and asked someone who spoke only Italian for directions or for negotiating those too high of prices for my travel plate collection.


Aside from the practical use, you can be better connected with others when speaking their native tongue.


Having a hispano-hablante share a story in Spanish allows for the truest expression of that knowledge and can lead to a richer understanding of who that person is.


You can achieve a fuller perspective of any of these countries when your language skills take you farther than a guide book ever could.


I’ve taught Spanish in person and love it whenever someone tells me they want to speak it fluently like I do.


It motivates me to share this beautiful language with others and help them achieve their personal goals in this area.


After hearing this from a number of clients, I started thinking that I could reach out to more people online and help them work on their goal to learn Spanish and about the culture so they enjoy and experience their future trips to the fullest.


So I hope you enjoy taking part in this new journey of mine as I share my knowledge and experiences about this fantastic culture in hopes of preparing you for your next big trip or inspiring you to explore an amazing part of this world.


Stay tuned for my next blog post!


In the meantime, I would like to hear from you!


Have you travelled to any Spanish speaking countries? If so, which ones?


Looking forward to your answers!