My To Do Item – Learn Français

Je m’appelle Elizabeth et je sais un peu du français….  My journey with learning FrenchI live in Canada where English and French are the official languages. We learn French as kids in school and have one year of mandatory French in high school.  I’ve never gotten beyond a basic level in French although I’ve had the […]

3 Great Benefits of Learning Spanish for Travelling

What is YOUR main reason for wanting to learn Spanish?   One of the most common answers is to use it when travelling.   It makes sense, too. With so many Spanish speaking countries and several being popular places to visit, it’s such a benefit to be able to communicate with the locals and learn […]

¡HOLA! Are you ready to learn Spanish?

Do you want to learn Spanish so you can travel to more countries, communicate more easily, and increase your confidence when speaking it?   I created this space to share what I love about the Latino culture and share tips so you can learn Spanish quicker.   I live in Canada but my Colombian background […]