Spanish for Success will prepare you for your next trip to a Spanish speaking country!

Are you frustrated that you’ve been trying to learn Spanish for a long time and while struggling to remember more words than how to say “Hola” and “Gracias”?

Hi, I’m Elizabeth. And I want to help you feel like a local during your next trip to a Spanish speaking country.

Are you uncomfortable speaking Spanish and wish you had the chance to practice it more?

If your goal is to start to learn Spanish so you can travel to Spanish speaking countries more comfortably, Spanish for Success will ensure you are prepared for your next trip.

You’ll have the choice of learning in an online group environment with others participating who are just as motivated to learn as you are, or on a 1:1 basis where you will be given the personalized attention to learn Spanish in an interactive online format.

The focus in these lessons is on speaking so you’ll become comfortable enough with the language to start using it in person, whether you are travelling or speaking to someone you know.

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A bit about me….

I teach Spanish with lots of interaction so that you’ll feel more comfortable to use it and finally speak it!

I want you to be able to experience the vibrant and diverse culture on a deeper level, by being able to talk to the locals when you travel and say more than, ‘”Una cerveza, por favor”.

Yes, that’ll mean you won’t have to stick to beer. You’ll be able to order other drinks in Spanish, too : )

Even though I live in Canada, I spoke Spanish at home as I have a Colombian background.

I attended Spanish School on Saturday mornings as a child and practiced flamenco dancing afterwards to perform at the Christmas gathering.

This is where I first met my future husband since he attended as well due to having a Chilean background. He says he fondly remembers the flamenco performances.

Throughout the years, I’ve travelled numerous times to Spanish speaking countries whether I was visiting relatives in Colombia for months at a time, finishing my last two Spanish Minor courses at the University of Holguín, Cuba, exploring Spain with my husband or taking resort vacations in Mexico or Dominican Republic with my husband or friends.

I’ve played the role of an interpreter between the Spanish and English languages numerous times and teach Spanish on an individual basis.

I find it interesting to observe the differences of both cultures and view them from the perspective of a Canadian as well as a Latina.

This gives me an advantage when teaching Spanish since I can understand being English-speaking what areas in Spanish can be challenging.

This also helps me share about the culture by being aware of the cultural differences that can come up, easing any culture shock and helping you enjoy your trip more!

I look forward to working with you as you progress to accomplishing your goal!

Hasta luego!

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