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first trip

First trip: Colombia

One night when I was five years old, I woke up since there was something going on.   The phone had rang and now my parents were talking in a serious manner and clearly upset. I found out that my uncle in Colombia had died (mom’s brother) and my mom was figuring out the details […]

Spanish words that are the same as English

Words in Spanish That You Didn’t Know You Knew

Do you know how many Spanish words you already know without realizing it?   When starting to learn a new language, it seems like there are SO many words to learn.   Don’t worry, as long as you put the effort to keep learning, you’ll be surprised at how much you know.   You can […]

copa america

The Copa America Centenario competition heats up on the field and our home!

“How could the ref make that call!” “We’re going to win!” “I CAN’T believe we lost!” “Go…..” “%#&%!!”   As the Copa América Centenario goes on this year in the United States, these can all be heard from 1000s of fans across the country and everyone watching internationally on TV.   Copa América is the […]